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X0PA Ai is an artificial intelligence platform that helps organizations hire and retain their best talent by improving six key performance indicators .

Optimise the 6 KPIs of Hiring


Quality of Hire

Significantly improve your quality of hires with help of AI and ML.   

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Cost of Hire

Our clients have experienced up to 56% reduction in cost to hire.

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Time of Hire

Our users have experienced up to 87% reduction in time to hire.

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Retention of Hire

By finding the best fit to role and organisation, significantly reduce your employee attrition.

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Diversity of Hire

Remove human errors ad subjectivity.

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Candidate’s Experience of Hiring Process

Probably the only platform with a dedicated dashboard for candidates!

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SAAS platform, uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, advanced Algorithms

Areas of Focus - Hiring and Retention


Our services 


Industry solutions


External hiring

Source, Match, AI Score, RPA Automation

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Internal Hiring

2 Sided Match algorithms, Predictive Analytics on Attrition, Retention, Performance & Diversity


Resource Management

Multiple Projects, Resources with multiple choices, Optimal allocation for the best outcome for the company



Retain good performers, rotate them into open positions, avoid brain drain, save money on severance and hiring for open positions),

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Employer branding

Candidate dashboard, Transparent and 2 sided matching


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