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In addition to our suite of Enterprise systems, X0PA’s solutions can be completely customised to suit your needs.

X0PA’s analyses, predictions and solutions allow evidence-based decision making, which through the democracy of numbers remains free of unconscious human-bias.

The following are just some examples of how people analytics has helped businesses visualise, identify, predict and rectify.


Case Studies

Here are just some of the projects where X0PA’s data analytics has helped businesses achieve more:

CASE 1: Leadership Gaps & Impact On Productivity

Sector: Logistics
A global logistics company’s schedule for on target delivery had been trending downwards and was causing decreased customer satisfaction. To understand this, an analytics study was commissioned to identify the root cause.
Our consultants found a distinct relationship between supervisor competencies and target delivery within the hub. 
After identifying the different skills gap for each supervisor, training and retraining was commenced.
The direct impact saw an increase in productivity within the logistic hubs and improvements on delivery and customer satisfaction.  Productivity increased to such an extent that it translated to over US$1M in savings within the first month of roll-out.


CASE 2: Employee Engagement – Reducing Attrition Through Targeted Initiatives

Sector: Oil & Gas
A global oil and gas company was struggling with increasing attrition amongst employees as they battled a downturn in the global economy and a severe depression in oil prices. 

It was clear that the company was suffering from a dramatic drop in motivation and an increased sense of insecurity among its staff.
The organisation then deployed one of our data scientists to understand who among their top employees were at risk of leaving and which engagement initiatives would have the most impact on their staff.
The HR Team and line managers were then able to coordinate to provide targeted engagement initiatives for every team and the results showed an increase in staff motivation and reduction in the number of high ‘flight risk’ employees.


CASE 3: Predicting Training Effectiveness For Social Workers

Sector: Non-profit
A local non-profit organisation needed training to close the skills gap of its social workers and to keep pace with modern socio-economic change. A lack of skills was contributing to fatigue and burnout among social workers, which was leading to increased medical leave and attrition.  However, the HR team were unable to identify and grade attributes of training methods and training personnel or the skills gap of their employees.
An extensive skills-gap analysis was conducted for our client as well as a study into the different training methods and training personnel to identify the most effective programmes for their staff.
The immediate impact resulted in improved case-closing rates and reduced medical leave.
The overall impact saw an increase in employee confidence and satisfaction, which led to a dramatic decrease in attrition.


CASE 4: Predicting Success Of Management Associate (MA) Programmes

Sector: Energy
An established global gas company had trouble identifying which graduate schools and candidate profiles would be most successful in its MA programme.
Our data analytics consultant laid out the hypothesis, data availability and conducted an extensive study of previous MAs. The CEO’s 5-year strategy was included and the skills that would be required to make a successful MA were calculated and predicted. Our data scientist also examined profiles of high flight risk MAs currently employed by the company.
Results revealed which attributes and characteristics of potential MAs were the most important to possess as well as the key schools and universities where they could most easily be sourced.


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