Data Compliance

Ensuring GDPR adherence


Option 1:

API access via X0PA cloud

  • Suitable for all company sizes
  • Constantly running models allowing results to seen in real-time
  • X0PA creates and manages AWS-based instances in key global geographies
  • No client-side installation
  • Integration via REST-based JSON APIs
  • Workflow
    • Anonymised CV is sent to X0PA. User then receives a unique identifier (id).
    • User can retrieve metrics at any future time using the id.
    • CV is deleted from X0PA servers after computation of metrics.

Option 2:

Client-owned and managed, AWS virtual private cloud (VPC) 

  • Your organisation's data never leaves your domain 
  • A dedicated VPC is created in an AWS region of your choice
  • Integration with your HRIS
  • X0PA extracts insights required to run the models and provide results
  • Models are constantly updated
  • Cache of data is instantly destroyed after results are returned to your HRIS