Digital Integration

Digital integration involves streamlining an organisations legacy systems with their current applications so that past, present and future data may be effectively collated and analysed. This allows organisations to gain invaluable insights from their own historic data as well as free employees from the confines of different applications, log-ins, designs, architecture and firmware. 

Integration between multiple HR platforms is key to improving productivity and the employee experience.


By merging multiple platforms, organisations can retrieve as much as 800% more data in the preceding years. This data can then be used to help further improve the insights and predictions provided by X0pa's workforce analytics. Similarly, digital integration enables HR departments to be freed from the burden of manually-intensive administration and instead be armed with an analytical and predictive tool which can assist them across the entire spectrum of the employee experience.

If you are seriously considering digital and/or HR analytics investment, it is important to consider the complexities of: digital integration; data collection; data management; and which predictive analytical tool would suit you best. X0PA provides a free HR and Digital Transformation Assessment for organisations to comprehensively assess skills, competencies, readiness and abilities, allowing you to make the right decision towards successful investment. 

Our digital team can recommend the right digital integration strategy for your particular organisation and assist you to build the most effective HR analytics foundation from start to finish.


Here is a list of systems we can integrate with: