Employers and Recruiters


1. External hiring

X0PA’s AI recruiter reduces time and cost of hiring, improves quality, retention, and diversity of hire, and strengthens employer branding by improving the candidate experience.

X0PA’s analytics enable greater transparency for external hires, with detailed feedback reports generated in real time.

Pricing starts from $500 (Lite version) per month and is based on usage.


Key advantages


Manage your applications and candidates in one place

Build your own talent pool


Identify the right candidates easily at anytime using our AI sourcing and matching

Integrate seamlessly with sites like LinkedIn

Score, screen, interview and shortlist candidates in an intelligent manner

Improve efficiency through automated workflows

Automate emailing, scheduling and interviewing


Update candidates via the automated candidate dashboard

GDPR and data privacy laws compliant

Host securely on the Micosoft Azure cloud platform


2. Internal hiring

This is a powerful employee retention and development tool.

X0PA finds the optimal pairings between candidates and internal job vacancies, ensuring the best possible outcome for both employer and employee. For employee retention and development, X0PA is second to none.

Pricing starts from $500 per month and is based on usage.

Internal hiring laptop.jpg

3. Resource allocation & management

X0PA improves your project deployments by optimizing resource allocation with:


Employee preferences kept in mind

Optimal resource-to-project match

The best financial and client satisfaction outcomes


4. Restructuring and reorganizations


Organizational restructuring can result in unnecessary workforce losses due to mismanagement and a lack of transparency.

X0PA can identify employees better suited for other roles within your organization, saving you precious time and resources, while providing greater job satisfaction for your employees.


5. Managed services

Managed Services handles the end-to-end recruitment process and takes responsibility for the management of roles and candidates, developing and managing bespoke solutions for our clients. 

With our managed services solution, you have a dedicated point of contact for all your recruitment needs, managing the rest of the supply chain on your behalf. No matter where your hiring challenges lie, our team has the experience and expertise to provide the ideal managed recruitment solution for your staffing needs.


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