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Attrition Prediction

Nothing hurts more than losing your high performers or employees working on your key positions/assignments. Reports suggest that a company loses a minimum of $250,000 with every mid-senior level resignation. With war on talent retention of your key employees is critical to your business.

X0PA's advanced algorithms can help you predict prospective attrition and provide early warnings for you to act ahead of the curve and prevent this to your best capability instead of getting blind sided.

Performance Prediction

Ensuring your company keeps the performance optimal is one of the biggest requirements to stay ahead. Performances of your employees is impacted not just with their personal attributes but also influenced by other company, team, manager dynamics as well as macro economics.

Let X0PA predict the performance from company down to individual levels in-order for you to plan and execute well in time to ensure you derive maximum performance possible.

Diversity and Inclusion

Gender Balance and Global Race and Ethnicity. Ability to filter by overall, gender, job title, grade, location and department.

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Pay Gap

Ability to filter the pay gap results by overall, gender, job title, grade, location and department. Contact us to discuss all available matrices.