Diversity & Inclusion Analytics


Problem Statement X0PA D&I addresses Diversity and Gender Pay Gap for B2B.

Diverse teams make better decisions up to 87% of the time.
— Cloverpop

Our D&I analytics creates highly visual dashboards that allow you to pinpoint and interpret diversity indices and performance across your organisation. X0PA's platform then provides predictions and recommendations for where your D&I initiatives and campaigns should be focussed.

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Gender Balance Statistics


Global Race and Ethnicity Statistics

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Gender Pay Gap Analytics

Key Features


Visual representation of global D&I metrics

Time-series visualisations of D&I metrics combined with the ability to drill down and compare global insights to regional and even team level. 


company's D&I statistics verses industry/competitor standards

Gain valuable insights as to how your organisation's D&I compares to the global marketplace.


Impact of D&I initiatives on performance

X0PA allows you to identify the effect of existing D&I initiatives and pinpoint where efforts should be focussed so as to maximise performance and productivity.


Loyalty & Retention               

Discover how many people might leave your organisation in the next 12 months and how such would affect your D&I landscape. Gain invaluable insights that will enable you to prepare and structure any required headcount planning or hiring pipeline.


D&I Recruitment recommendations

Including interpretation of data, highlighted action points, suggested solutions and associated timelines.


Country-level alerts

Receive instant notifcations as to how your organisation's national D&I metrics are being affected by pending flight risks so that approriate action can be taken.