X0PA Ai is an intelligent SAAS hiring platform for corporate and enterprise level organizations needing to resource business growth or reduce the impact of lost employees.

Optimise the 6 KPIs of Hiring


•X0PA uses Artificial Intelligence to source, score and rank talent to identify the best fitting candidate for each organization's need.

•Organizations can transform new-hire retention and predict employee performance in every role to save significant time and cost through the recruiting process.

•X0PA is the only platform to combine advanced algorithms, predictive analytics, natural language processing and RPA to scale the recruiting process.

•By automating tasks, X0PA removes bias and human errors from traditional processes to create an ethical and transparent solution that organizations can trust.

Quality of Hire

Poor performance of a new hire can negatively impact the organisation with reduced productivity,cultural imbalance , financial and reputation impact. Significantly improve your quality of hires with help of predictive capabilities of X0PA’s algorithms.


Cost of Hire

Typical hiring cost including both direct and indirect costs is around 25% of the new hire. These include internal costs, executive time, external agency cost and overheads. Our clients have experienced up to 56% reduction in cost to hire. X0PA significantly optimizes the process making it efficient and highly productive.


Time to Hire

Average time to hire has been recorded to be reduced from the usual 8-16 weeks. Our users have experienced up to 87% reduction in time to hire reducing the hiring time down to 1-2 weeks*. X0PA’s Robotic Process Automation greatly enhances productivity by automating most of the time consuming stages through automated emailing, auto scheduling and many other efficiency enhancing tools.

Retention of Hire

Cost of retention of a key hire can exceed 200% of their annual salary. By finding the best fit to role and organisation, significantly reduce your employee attrition. X0PA’s two sided matching algorithms finds both best fit candidate for a job as well as the best fit job for a candidate.


Diversity of Hire

47% millennials will consider their employer’s D&I before accepting their job. Removing human errors and subjectivity from the process has helped our clients to significantly improve their diversity ambitions. Additionally our strong analytics gives transparent and real time reports to help you stay proactive.


Candidate’s Experience of Hiring Process

75% candidates never hear back on their application, 63% applicants feel that application process was complicated, 83% feel they had a negative interview process.Probably the only platform with a dedicated dashboard for candidates! Research suggests X0PA ensures your employer branding is enhanced by ensuring a smooth, transparent and communicative process with your applicants.


SAAS platform, uses Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, advanced Algorithms

Areas of Focus - Hiring and Retention


Our services 


Industry solutions


External and internal hiring- Corporations

Source, Match, AI Score, RPA Automation. Our 2-sided matching algorithms match the candidates to jobs as well as jobs to the candidates. Ensuring the quickest and cleverest way of connecting jobs and job seekers.


Staffing and Recruitment companies

Use our AI sourcing to search, source and score candidates for your open roles from multiple platforms such as Linkedin, Github etc and let our tireless AI-Sourcer work around the clock to help your recruitment team make more placements!

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Campus Hiring

Hire interns and young graduates easily and quickly from universities across the globe. Access our University Marketplace to find and source the best matching students and young grads who will not just fit the role but also be most fit to your organisation thanks to our AI.


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