Artificial Intelligence

  1. CV relevance using Natural Language Processing for skill/experience match

  2. Loyalty –predictive scoring to predict the probability the candidates would stay in the role for the next 12 months

  3. Performance-predictive scoring to predict the probability of the candidates to perform better than the average in the role

  4. Auto scoring and shortlisting

  5. Robotic process automation

  6. AI sourcer- source candidates from other external platforms for matching candidates-a game changer.

Built-in ATS

  1. Candidate tracking

  2. Candidate database and talent pool management

  3. Document management

  4. Collaboration tools to collaborate with people within the organisation as well as external vendors and search firms

  5. Analytics

  6. Admin and dashboards for employer and candidates

  7. Integration with Zoom and Microsoft Teams

Smart tools

  1. Built-in resume and job description parser - saves time and effort with minimal manual work

  2. Smart emailing and communication system

  3. Smart and automatic scheduling

  4. Video interview platform with Azure Video Indexer

  5. Smart reference checks

  6. Smart offer management