These are special introductory pricing and are subject to change from 1st Jan 2019

Plans and Pricing

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Companies who do not have regular hiring needs each month may choose this option for flexibility and optimal usage. The plan can be upgraded to a monthly Premium or Platinum at any time.

Per CV :

Get our AI scores on job skill match, soft skill matches of loyalty and productivity of the candidate even before you start the process. Pay per CV services do not come with Video Interview.

$1 per CV for Premium

$5 per CV for Platinum

Per Job

Choose this option to have unlimited CV scores and entire workflow system.

$350 per job for Premium

$750 per job for Platinum

  1. AI Scores (CV skill match, Loyalty and predicted performance of prospective candidate)

  2. Complete but simple easy to use ATS system

  3. Built in parser for CV parsing

  4. CV storage and candidate database

  5. Automated Email system for communication

  6. Forward candidates from other sources & send to RoboRoy easily

  7. Automatically route job applications to RoboRoy

  8. Collaborate with multiple users within and outside the organisation

  9. Integrated workflow system

  10. Create and share talent pool

  11. RoboRoy recommendations and Auto shortlisting

  12. Recruiter Dashboard

  13. Candidate Dashboard

    starting from $ 1500 per month per login

(Additional logins/ collaborators from $250 per month each )


Includes all Premium features PLUS

  1. Smart Interview Scheduler

  2. Video Interview offline

  3. Built in Video interview platform (Zoom, Skype etc)

  4. LinkedIn integration

  5. CV Sourcing from other sources

  6. Smart Reference check system

  7. Access to global talent free

  8. Smart Offer management

  9. Analytics dashboard to track client success

Starting from $2500 per month per login

(Additional logins/collaborators at $250 per month each)