Use Cases

One Platform that can address multiple problem statements 


Attrition and Productivity predictor

X0PA's intuitive platform uses AI and Machine learning to predict important attributes of your organisation such as attrition, retention, productivity, engagement and so on. X0PA can work along with your HRIS system to make valuable predictions to help you ensure you retain your best. Dont have an HRIS, no problem X0PA can also work with CSV files. You can have your private and secure login on our cloud or then you have have your own private cloud solution.


Diversity and Inclusion

If you as a company is committed to creating and nurturing a diverse and inclusive workforce, X0PA can help you ease this task by helping you visualise your current areas of focus and put your efforts where it really makes an impact. Features such as hiring trends, hiring proportion, pay gaps etc become that much easier to sort.


Hire right

You need to manage your workforce internally as well as externally and hence hiring right and hiring people who are best suited for your organisation in addition to the role makes your organisation a happier and a more engaged place to work. X0PA's robot recruiter will work with you to ensure you hire right and hire fast!